Valentino is also one of our babydoll import males. He is KB chocolate in color. Valentino carriers kb chocolate and kb chocolate parti. We are so excited to be able to import a male stud with so much potential.

Lil Caleb A.K.A Cade

Weight: 2.6 lbs

Dual Registered: AKC/CKC

Cade is one of our oldest and one of my favorite Teacup Babydoll Face Yorkies. He is one of our foundation males. He has a very sweet personality & might I add he’s very charming. He is very quiet compared to many yorkies and passes on his personality to his kids.


D.O.B 11/24/2021

CKC Registered

Fendi one of our color males. He is consider sable in color and will become completely golden as he ages. He has now Sired 2 successful litters. He has added color to the puppies he has produced with 2 different traditional females. We are looking forward to adding more color as we are in search for quality color females.


D.O.B 11/16/2022

AKC and CKC registered

Cartier is one our Imports from Korea. He has a very sweet disposition and his temperament is very loving. Cartier facial features and structure will produce a quality of babydolls unmatched here at Unique Babydoll Yorkies.



D.O.B 7/16/2021

CKC Registered



CKC Registered

She is our YorkiPoo


D.O.B. 7/31/2019

CKC Registered

She is a Traditional Yorkie


D.O.B 2/27/2022

CKC & APRI Registered

She is also a color carrier. Her color is black brindle. As we know brindle carries multiple colors. So we are hoping to see some solid blacks out of lil Riya.


D.O.B 2022

AKC & CKC Registered

One of our new color females. She is KB chocolate coated yorkies. More Info coming soon


Givanni is one of our Imports with our signature babydoll look. She is also an important addition to our program. We are looking forward to produce a quality yorkie that will retain that puppy facial features as an adult.


Scarlett is very special to our program. Scarlett is considered chocolate parti merle. Her mom was merle and father was chocolate and tan hence where she got her coloring. She is also one of our bigger girls and we are hoping for a nice size litter next year. Her future pairing will be to Valentino. Because of her coloring she is registered Ckc and Apri.