Important Information


Your baby will need a few items to provide safety and emergency care to have on hand. Here is a list of items I personally recommend having.

1. Puppy crate or playpen. Even though I love for your new baby to have full access to his new home. He is a puppy (youngster) and everything is food, toy or wee wee area. At this age, your new puppy is constantly learning. Controlling his environment helps protect him against things they can pick up that can potentially harm them when you can not watch them. Also, crate training teaches your new baby how to hold their bladders a little longer. But remember, tiny babies need more restroom breaks than bigger dogs.

2. Food and water bowls. No plastic bowls. Your baby teeth can break off pieces of the plastic if they decide they have a new chew toy.

3. Puppy pads. You can buy reusable pads from amazon. And disposable pads for travel. Try not to get scented pads that smell like your laundry detergent. This may encourage accidents on items you wash at home.

3. Comb and slicker brush. Your baby will have a longer coat of hair compared to short hair dogs. Their hair will need be de-tangled on a daily basis.

4. A puppy harness. Harnesses put less pressure on these little guys throat and can prevent accidentally choking or trachea clasping.

5. Retractable leash. I recommend this solely because your baby can have some freedom when learning to potty outside and still provide safety from running off or other animals.

6. Dog bed. Or a blanket for your bed.

7. Doggie stairs. These babies will try to get upon the furniture to be next to you. So in order to protect their legs from accidental breaking when trying to jump down.

8. Toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs.

9. Karo Syrup, Hi-Vite or Nutra Cal supplement. Your baby has a very high metabolism at the moment of high activity or longer periods of food not being available. Their sugar levels can potentially drop making them hypoglycemic. This supplement can save your babies life. Please remember to research hypoglycemia in yorkies.


When your puppy arrives home pay very close attention to how your puppy is responding to you and her environment. If your puppy is very actively moving around and all of a sudden is being really quite and laying around more than usual. This could be a sign that his/her sugar level has dropped from prolong times without food. It's imperative that you offer Karo syrup/hi-vite and then seek medical attention. Getting to know your puppy attitude helps you to understand if he/she is not feeling well. I provided a link below for more information on Hypoglycemia. .  



I believe this is the time when you and your puppy have quality time. This is also another time where your new puppy learns to build trust in you.

Daily brushing isn't a must but i do recommend combing your babies hair at least 2xs a week or more if kept at a long length. Pay close attention to the hair to make sure its tangle free. Try not to ever bathe your puppy's hair before removing any tangles.

When thinking about bathing your yorkie consider buying a higher quality puppy shampoo and conditioner. Your puppies hair is similar to human hair.

I also recommend using a terrycloth towel or a t-shirt. This will help retain hair length.

Also consider blow drying your babies hair out to prevent tangles from hair curling.

After about 1-2 months you may decide that you are more of a shorter hair person. I recommend doing some research on groomers to make sure you can get the look you want on your new baby. Also check on their references.


Limited Health Warranty

Puppy Health Warranty / Sales Agreement

This agreement must be signed prior to any deposits or purchase has been made.
Please do not sign if you do not agree with the warranty in its entirety.
This is a binding agreement between the seller/buyer who is listed within the contract below. Both parties have read the contract and agree to the terms listed below.
The buyer understands that the seller has taken all measures to ensure a healthy and functional puppy before purchasing said puppy. At anytime that puppy is found to have any problems determined by a veterinarian while in the care of the breeder the buyer will be notified and a refund (full refund only if returned within 48hrs of purchase) or replacement puppy (born within a year of original deposit) will be offered for purchase.
At the time said puppy is picked up or shipped from said seller the buyer understands they are now fully responsible for the care of said puppy. This means if a 3rd party is used for shipping said puppy and said puppy sustain any injury of any sort the seller is not responsible for any care For injury or loss due to death unless a statement provided and autopsy was performed from a licensed veterinarian states that the puppy had passed from a life-threatening cause due to congenital defects.
Buyer understands that any veterinarian fees occurred while in the buyers care of said puppy is solely the responsibility of the buyer. Buyer also understands anything bought for home care of said puppy is the sole responsibility of the buyer.
Buyer understand seller warranty does not go into effect until the puppy has been seen by a licensed veterinarian within the 1st 24-48 hours after puppy has been received by buyer.
This warranty only guarantees against life-threatening congenital defects found with a written examination/statement by a licensed veterinarian dvm. or upon receipt of an autopsy from a deceased (fresh unfrozen) puppy that had been examined within a 24-48 hour post death.
This warranty includes defects from the heart, portosystemic shunt, liver, hydrocephalus, spine, kidneys, and lungs only. If said puppy is found to have any one of the above defects buyer has the option of retaining the puppy or returning the puppy at the time said puppy is determined to have the above mentioned health defects. If buyer decides to keep said puppy thebuyer is solely responsible for said puppy financial care and medical treatment. Buyer also understands that seller will provide a full refund (within 48 hour period of purchase) or a replacement puppy (born within 12months of diagnosis of said puppy). If buyer doesn’t choose a new puppy within the 12 months after diagnosis of said puppy buyer understands they forfeit the warranty and all refunds or replacement of said puppy.
This warranty does not guarantee against non life-threatening health issues. Nor does this warranty against any of the following intestinal parasites, hypoglycemia, manage, collapsed trachea, luxating patellas, or anything that is not life-threatening.
Buyer understands that seller cannot warrant against diagnosis due to vaccinations. Puppies receive vaccinations to protect them against parvovirus, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, or bordetella. These vaccinations are given by the veterinarian in hopes that the mother maternal antibodies are so low that the vaccinations will be absorbed by the cells so that they puppies own antibodies can start to build a resistance against the diseases mentioned above.
It is imperative that the buyer maintains recommended vaccinations and heartworm prevention for the life of said puppy.
Buyer understand that upon receipt of said puppy seller will provide a certified health certificate from a licensed veterinarian, and copy of the vaccination records. The vaccination record must be given to the buyers veterinarian for future recommendations. If said puppy is determined to be defective and returned all of the said puppy veterinarian records must be sent to seller for future treatments.
Warranty/Guarantee is non-transferable and the seller is not liable and warranty will be voided if said puppy is sold or transferred to third party.
Buyer understands that seller is solely responsible replacement of said puppy with a puppy of equal or lesser value. Buyer understand that in the event they see a puppy of higher value they have the option to pay the difference of original purchase. Buyer also understands there is no refund of money beyond the first 48 hours of purchase of said puppy.

If Buyer is in agreement with above warranty please initial below.

Initial here

Buyer agrees to never sale said puppy and to return puppy in the event buyer is no longer able to care for said puppy at the expense of the buyer. Seller may give the option of a partial refund upon return if puppy is in good health. This refund is at the sole discretion of the seller. Buyer also understands that said puppy is sold as a pet only and no registration or limited registration will be provided unless otherwise stated.
Buyer/ Seller understands by not adhering to above contract will be considered a breach in above warranty/guarantee.
Buyer also understands that this warranty and all concerning of said puppy in the event of breach can only be filed at the llocal small claims court inside the state of Tennessee, of Shelby county, city of Memphis..

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